We’re All About the Lips at The Look

Feb 5, 2018

We’re All About the Lips at The Look

Let’s Celebrate the Prettiest Pouts All February Long

Your lips frame the most beautiful part about you: your smile.

Lips are Haley’s speciality. She has earned a reputation of helping our clients achieve the perfect, natural-looking yet fuller pout (not to mention her recent recognition among the Top 25 Most Loved Injectors in the country!). So we thought, what better month than February to celebrate lips?

In addition to this collection of Haley’s favorite before & after photos, we’re running a special contest on Facebook to vote on the “Prettiest Pout.” Click here for details, and email us your prettiest pout selfie today. The person whose photo has the most votes at the end of the month wins a complimentary lip augmentation by Haley to use any time this year.

Augmentation Is “Worth It”

If you’ve been considering lip augmentation, surveys show that you’re very likely to be very pleased with the result. In fact, according to RealSelf’s reviews, 94% of respondents felt that lip augmentation was worth it.

Haley describes her approach: “Every lip is different, and requires a unique assessment to determine shape, balance, and proportion using the correct dermal filler product, since lip proportion is based off the distance between the eyes, called the intercanthal distance.”

Haley’s Favorite Lips

As for Haley’s favorite lip look? “I love to add subtle lip volume, as well as create a Kardashian lip….and all in between. My favorite lip dermal filler is Juvederm Ultra Plus, because it creates a smooth finish and crisp lip border.”

Whether naturally full or deliciously pouty, your lips–according to Haley–will look best when your injector takes the time to personalize the procedure based on your face shape, age, and desired result.

Below are Before & After photos of Haley’s favorite lip augmentations that she has performed:

How It Works

What makes for a good lip augmentation are time and correct product selection. Injections in the lips are best performed in two separate sessions, spaced 1-2- weeks apart. “I like to set the lip on the first session by injecting the borders and corners,” Haley says. “Once the swelling and bruising calms down, we go back in and finish up the body on the second session to ensure symmetry and an even result.”

In addition to helping clients achieve fuller lips, Haley also has worked with cleft lip palate patients seeking lip reconstruction. “I enjoy giving a little more structure and symmetry to those who have had surgery as a baby for cleft lip palate,” Haley says.

“Lip reconstruction using dermal fillers is very rewarding because clients are typically self conscious of their lip shape. Men typically wear a mustache, however women have no way of camouflaging their early surgery and scar. The confidence a fuller lip can give a client with cleft lip palate is gorgeous to witness.”

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