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Kybella is one of the best (and newest) facial slimming injectables on the market. If stubborn chin fat or even bra fat bothers you, Kybella may be the answer.

Submental fullness (double chin) can occur due to genetics, weight gain or as part of the aging process.

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Under the chin
Bra line


Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat under the chin. It’s made of a synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

When it is injected into fat, it works by destroying the cell membrane to release the fat. The body then flushes the fat out of the treated area and skin retraction occurs.

Results & Recovery

Results will accumulate over the period of time required to complete the treatments needed for the desired look.

However, once achieved, results are permanent. There is some swelling that goes along with the treatment, however, it’s completely manageable. You will notice the swelling for a few days up to a week.

Best Candidate?

The best candidate is someone who is less than 50 years of age and has good skin elasticity.

Product Amount

The amount of product needed depends on the amount of fat under the chin — it will vary according to the patient.

Injection Process

Kybella requires multiple injections to the site with a tiny needle. The injection process takes about 15-20 minutes.

Treatment Sessions

Typically, 3-4 treatment sessions are required, 4-8 weeks apart.

Lasting Effect

Once the fat is destroyed, it will not come back into the treated area again, so it lasts a lifetime.


Treatment is tailored to the amount of fat under the chin. 59% of patients received 6 treatments spaced at least a month apart in clinical studies ( before desired results were achieved.

67% people surveyed say they are bothered by fat beneath their chin (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery).

More than 1,600 people were treated in over 20 clinical studies by a global clinical development program (Kybella FAQs).


Often times, the area under the chin or bra fat would best be treated with Coolsculpting.  During your consult, it can be determined which would be a better and more efficient treatment for you.