Botox Vs Dysport: Which Lasts Longer?

Oct 27, 2021

You might be wondering … So why not ask? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the difference between Botox and Dysport.


Botox and Dysport are both injectable neurotoxins effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Made with botulinum type A, the wrinkle relaxers are FDA approved for cosmetic use. But, which one lasts longer? After all, you want the noticeable results to last for weeks.

Why Get A Botox or Dysport Cosmetic Injection?

You usually start noticing visible aging signs starting to appear in your 30s, and it only increases as you age. Wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin are caused by a decrease in collagen production, but you can regain a natural, relaxed and youthful appearance with cosmetic injectables.

When Botox or Dysport is injected into the face, specific muscles are either temporarily relaxed or paralyzed. It prevents these muscles from contracting during facial movements like smiling, frowning and laughing. Not only are existing wrinkles minimized, but the procedure can also prevent new ones from forming for a few months.

Your skin looks younger and smoother, giving you more confidence in your appearance. Women and men will see results within a few days after the procedure.

In fact, one of our favorite moments in the office is when we show patients their before and after photos. Noticeable results always feel good.

Which Lasts Longer Botox or Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are almost the same, at the molecular level. Both produce similar results. Your skin will look younger, giving you a more youthful appearance.

The cosmetic injectables also last for around three to four months. Some individuals enjoy even longer-lasting results.

While both procedures last for several months, there is a difference between the two wrinkle relaxing treatments perceived by some of our patients.


Botox has FDA approval in the three areas of the face for wrinkles:  the frown, the forehead wrinkles and the crow’s feet area. It’s important to note that if you take 20 units of Botox in the frown area, you would take 60 units of Dysport.  Each company has its own proprietary method of calculating a “unit” therefore, another company could say it takes 10u to treat the same area.  Whether you use 20 units of Botox, 60u of Dysport of possibly 30 units of Juveau, the end result is the same.  Each unit is priced according to the result, so 20 units of Botox costs the same as 60 units of Dysport.

Botox is a great option when you are targeting smaller facial areas. It can smooth brows and erase deep lines around the eyes. It can also lift the eye area, giving you an alert and youthful appearance.


It’s common to hear that Dysport is more dilute than Botox, but this is not true.  The active ingredient is the same and as noted above.

Dysport does seem to spread easily across the target area. It’s a good choice when you want to erase forehead wrinkles or those in larger areas. Dysport also produces noticeable results faster than Botox, in some patients. It usually only takes two to four days after the procedure to see wrinkles fade away.

Whichever procedure you choose, you will love your younger-looking skin.

Who are Botox and Dysport For?

The cosmetic injectables are for anyone that wants to slow down the signs of aging. It is the ideal procedure for women and men between 35 to 65 who are looking for ways to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that produces amazing results.

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