How Botox May Be Used to Treat Migraines and Cluster Headaches

May 18, 2020

How Botox May Be Used to Treat Migraines and Cluster Headaches

At The Look, we often have patients who ask us about using Botox to treat migraines. If you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches, you know how the pain can disrupt your life. You’d try anything for relief. 

The good news is Botox is FDA approved for migraines and may provide effective treatment and relief of migraine symptoms.  At The Look, Botox used for cosmetic purposes has the effect of relieving migraine pain, if the migraine pain originates in the forehead or around the eye area.  If the migraine originates from the back of the head, the cosmetic treatment we offer at The Look will not control the headaches.  

Please note: While Haley Wood, founder of The Look Facial Aesthetics in Franklin, TN, is a board certified nurse practitioner, the clinic is not set up to diagnose and treat medical illness. 


Cluster headaches are considered a rare condition, but it is clinically defined as a headache disorder that can occur in episodes without warning or be chronic. Unfortunately, there are limited treatment options available. 

One treatment option that has shown success is Botox. 

Botox has been studied as a possible treatment for cluster headaches for several years. In 2013, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied the effects of Botox on 40 individuals that suffered from cluster headaches. 

Researchers found that the neuromodulator (Botox) stopped impulse flow along the nerves. This can eliminate the connection between two nerves, temporarily. Some of the participants injected with Botox had relief from cluster headaches ranging from three to eight months. 

With one small injection, people are enjoying several weeks free from debilitating cluster headaches. 


Even though migraines are “more common” than cluster headaches, this doesn’t make them any less debilitating. The pain from a migraine can last for hours, effectively sidelining any plans for the day. The same studies that indicated Botox is an effective treatment for some cluster headaches show similar results for migraine sufferers. 

How it works is simple. Botox is injected around the area where the headaches usually occur. The neurotoxin enters nerve endings and stops the chemicals that signal pain from transmitting to the brain. 

Botox will prevent migraines in most people before the headaches occur, however, it can take two to three treatments before results are noticed. According to Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld, an expert in Botox and migraine treatment, states that patients see increased benefits over time. 

The treatment lasts on average 10 to 12 weeks and patients also report a 50 percent reduction in migraines by the second Botox treatment. 


Since this is a neurotoxin, it’s common to feel nervous about using Botox. However, it is safe in recommended doses administered by the hands of a seasoned, experienced injector. 

When you’re ready to address the pain from migraines and cluster headaches and your headaches originate in the forehead or around the eye, contact us at The Look.  

We do not diagnose or accept insurance payments for using Botox as migraine therapy.