3 Ways Dermal Fillers Can Make You Look Instantly Younger

Oct 11, 2017

3 Ways Dermal Fillers Can Make You Look Instantly Younger

Want to look instantly younger without surgery or downtime? Afraid of going too far with facial augmentation and looking unnatural (or having duck lips!)? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might be the perfect candidate for dermal fillers to achieve an instantly younger appearance.

Dermal fillers are safe, in some cases completely reversible, and with so many available, they can be used together or individually to achieve the exact look you want—whether completely natural and virtually undetectable or a full-fledged 15-year rewind.

Here are three ways dermal fillers can make you look instantly younger.

Mid face cheek volume and Botox in upper face

Before & After: Mid-face Cheek Volume and Botox in Upper Face

1. Restore volume in the cheeks and chin

As we age, we lose fat in the face that—during our youth—plumped up the forehead, cheeks and areas around the eyes and mouth. Along with this loss of volume, the fat shifts downward (gravity at its finest), causing loose, sagging skin around the face and jawline. Where does that fat go? Typically to the chin and neck, causing bagginess, double chin, and other unattractive results.

So, what’s the solution? Voluma is the #1 best-selling dermal filler in the United States, and for good reason, as it fills shallow contours on the face that have lost their youthful plumpness (particularly around the cheeks and jaws). Due to its versatility, Voluma is the preferred filler at The Look.

As an injection, it causes minimal pain and bruising, and is one of the best non-surgical techniques available on the market to restore youthful volume to the face for up to two years. Voluma can also be used to add length and a more pronounced projection of the chin, reducing the sagging appearance in this area of the face that is typically caused by aging.

fine line correction

Before & After: Fine Line Correction with Dermal Fillers

2. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

When aging sets in motion a gradual decrease of fat and volume on the face, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Certain lifestyle habits such as sun exposure and smoking add to the wrinkled appearance, making you age faster than you should. Dermal fillers like Vollure and Juvederm add softness to areas that have lost their youthful plumpness, and can be used alongside other anti-aging treatments like chemical peels, Botox, or microneedling treatments. The result is restoration of youthful volume and immediate decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that loss of volume created.


Before & After: Lips

lips with dermal fillers

3. Add volume to thin, aging lips

Lips are our speciality at The Look. Full, symmetrical lips don’t have to be limited to a by-product of great genetics. With dermal fillers like Juvederm and Volbella, you can have enviable lips that will take years off your appearance by adding youthful, sensual volume to the lower part of your face.

Dermal fillers are a safe, reversible option, and we’ll work with you to achieve the exact look you are going for—whether subtle or full-on sexy! The look you want to achieve is really up to you, and we can offer suggestions for the best dermal fillers to use based on your skin and where you have lost the most volume.

3 ways dermal fillers can make you look instantly younger

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