Why Daxxify? 

Dec 18, 2023

It’s safe to say, The Look injects more Daxxify than anyone in the state of Tennessee, since it’s launch in late August 2022.  

What is Daxxify and why should you try it? 

Daxxify is the fifth and latest neurotoxin to hit the US market.  It has a different formulation than the other four toxins on the market, which gives it a few extra benefits.  The peptide attached to the toxin basically delivers the toxin quicker and more efficiently, allowing more toxin at the target (the neuron) for a more complete effect of muscle relaxation.  

Daxxify is the only vegan toxin on the market, meaning it has no human by products in it’s formulation.  But, let’s be honest, we love our bacon in middle Tennesse so vegan only matters to a few!  Botox has human serum albumin in it’s formulation, which has not changed over the last twenty years, so it is equally as safe as Daxxify.  

Is Daxxify a better choice than Botox or Dysport?  Well, that’s a great question and one that we can’t answer for you other than to say, you have to try it in order to see.  Does it last longer for you?  Do you like your skin quality better?  Did you see an improvement of headaches?  Did it kick in quicker?  These are all questions we would ask you when you deciding which one to stay on for subsequent treatments.  

There reason why most people try Daxxify is for longevity.  In half the patients who used Daxxify in the clinical trials, 50% got longer than 6 months.  And, subsequently, 50% got less than 6 months duration.  This is exactly what we see in our practice after injecting vials and vials of Daxxify.  

Half of our patients who try Daxxify achieve longer duration in comparison to other toxins they have tried, such as Botox and Dysport.  What does “longer” mean?  It could be one month longer, or up to 3 months longer.  Haley, the founder of The Look, achieves seven and a half months longevity with her Daxxify dose.  

Here are a few reasons you might try Daxxify: 

  1. You hate being injected and want a treatment that might only need to be done twice a year versus three or four times a year.  
  2. Your biggest concern is the area between your brows, called the glabella.  For most of our patients who love Daxxify, it lasts in the frown the longest. 
  3. You live out of town and want to come in less frequently. 
  4. You want a vegan product that is manufactured in the United States.  
  5. Your other toxins might last 2-3 months and getting another 4-6 weeks would be ideal.  

As national speakers and trainers for Daxxify, we are always ready to answer your questions on any of the toxins we offer here at The Look.