Mjoule Skintyte Moxi: The Looks Favorite Light Laser Procedures for Anti-Aging

Jan 20, 2020

POSTED: 14/04/21

The Sciton mJOULE is our secret weapon to all things anti-aging at The Look. We absolutely love facials and encourage the use of high-quality products to maintain results, but some procedures just deliver differently. Procedures involving the mJOULE are top tier around here.

When it comes to sagging skin as we age, we know there’s an option to nip and tuck our troublesome areas. Many though don’t want to go that route. That’s where mJOULE comes into play. As laser-based procedures, there’s no nipping, no tucking – just results. Being able to get similar results without the procedure being nearly as invasive is an absolute appeal for our clientele.

Another draw to mJOULE procedures? The lack of major downtime! Seriously. Our clients are in and out over lunch and back to work and social life within one to four days depending on the procedure! Now, you’re probably wondering exactly what the mJOULE does, so let’s dive into that

Be Photo Ready With A BBL Photofacial

The mJOULE provides a BBL Photofacial. BBL stands for broad based light and is an FDA approved treatment that shines a light over your skin to promote cell rejuvenation. After four days, old sun damage and pigmentation will begin to surface on top of the skin, looking like coffee granules, and this is exactly what we want to have happen! BBL enhances every aspect of your day to day skincare routine, minimizing wrinkles and improving skin tone. And better yet BBL can be done head to toe, with the most popular areas being: face, neck/decolletage, arms, hands, thighs and feet!


Snapback with SkinTyte

In addition to the BBL Photofacial, mJOULE also provides SkinTyte, a procedure that helps with the elasticity and firmness of skin. The most common areas for this procedure are face, neck, arms and abdomen.

SkinTyte is a gradual non-invasive procedure that gives optimum results after six months. SkinTyte deposits heat into the dermis, a deeper level of the skin than the epidermis, which is a much more resilient upper level of the skin. Since our bodies slow down on collagen production as we age, our skin can’t snap back the way it usually does, resulting in sagging. Add in the real life issues of diet, lifestyle, childbirth and UV rays, our skin just can’t keep up with us the way it did when we were younger. SkinTyte deposits the highest temperature that’s safe to deposit into the dermis, leaving you with hydrated, firmer, more youthful skin.

Achieve Maximum Results With Moxi

The mJOULE provides one other treatment we just love here at The Look – MOXI.

MOXI is one of our favorite procedures for sun damage and retexturing the skin. Sun damage affects all of us, and no matter our age, sun damage will make us appear older than we actually are. From freckles to sunspots to wrinkles, sun damage is no joke. (This is another reason we are diligent about wearing sunscreen every. single. day.)

Not only does MOXI pull out the sun damage we collect over the years, but improves the texture and tone of our skin, and even resurfaces! The most popular areas people receive MOXI treatments are face and neck. Using gentle pulses of laser energy, MOXI controls damage by pushing these pulses into the skin. Then the body does it’s thing naturally, removing the damaged skin cells that show up as aging and pigmentation!

If you have ANY questions regarding mJOULE or these procedures, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation or reach out to us here at The Look. We’re looking forward to serving you and your skin in 2021!