The Best Cosmetic Procedures for Women in their 40s

Dec 16, 2019

For many women in their 40s, the start of a new year offers us the chance to check in with our life goals or even to rebrand ourselves. And with a new decade knocking down our door, what better time to use that 2020 hindsight than to gift yourself some facial affection! From brow tints to Botox, here are five of the best cosmetic procedures for the 40 and fierce crowd. 


  1. Brow Tint


Not wanting to dive into the deep end too soon? Try a simple brow tint! As we age, our natural brows tend to thin and lighten, and the hairs we tweezed to death in our early 20s are likely gone for good. Just the hint of a tint can define your brow shape, fill in sparse areas and create the illusion of thickness, framing your face perfectly. 


  1. Microneedling


Don’t let the needles fool you! Microneedling is the perfect gateway between facial treatments and cosmetic procedures. This treatment encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and fine lines and softer, younger-looking skin, not to mention a great treatment for scars and stretch marks!


  1. Fillers


Dermal fillers are perfect for women in their 40s who need an extra bit of attention around their nose, lips and cheeks. The loss of collagen and volume, gravity and sun exposure work against the natural shape of your face. Fillers plump and smooth those areas, giving your face a more youthful, relaxed look.


  1. Botox / Dysport


Yes, it’s true! Botox is still top of the wishlist for women wanting to erase those fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it’s those pesky forehead furrows, or the just appeared smile lines, small doses at just the right time will create a soft, smooth look. Botox truly is the quickest and safest way to put a touch of that youthful energy back in your smile. 


  1. CoolSculpting & Cooltone


For those unhappy with unwanted fat around under their chin, tummy, thigh and arm area, CoolSculpting may be the perfect solution. CoolSculpting freezes fat, works best for those who don’t need or want traditional liposuction. Even better: once that fat is gone, it’s gone for good!  If fat isn’t an issue, it might be muscle tone. Cooltone is the latest FDA approved device to tone muscles of the tummy, thighs and butt. One 30-minute session is equivalent to 20,000 crunches.  

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