Have You Checked Out The Look Magazine?

Aug 20, 2019

About The Look Magazine

Since I opened the doors of The Look Facial Aesthetic practice in Berry Farms in March of 2018, our clients have grown beyond my wildest dreams. Our patients are family. Our focus is beauty. Our goal is confidence.

Patients come to us looking for solutions to specific skin and aesthetic issues. Health, wellness and personal well-being go far beyond the specific issues we address in the office. It’s a lifestyle.

The Look issue one

As I sat down with my team, we discussed what the entire “Look” looks like. It’s an ensemble of confidence and beauty housed within a person who is poised with grace and style. Our mission is to help you find all the elements of the “Look” in this magazine.

Each article is to help you achieve the “look”! Whether it is to understand proper skincare or how to put together a killer outfit, we hope you walk out in style and confidence!

The Look issue two cover
The Look issue three cover

We’re looking to publish content that fits within that philosophy and adds loads of values for our readers. We’ve included columns written by local beauty experts and life coaches who have donated their advice to bring this magazine even more expertise and value.

Together, we can boost the quality of life for ourselves and those around us. All it takes is an intentional look at life. Below is an overview of our first three issues. Click here to read them in full. We’d love it if you shared these with a friend today to help us spread the word.