Don’t Skip This One Step In Your Morning Skincare Regimen

Apr 23, 2019

POSTED: 14/04/21

Don’t Skip This One Step in Your Morning Skincare Regimen (Plus: Our 3 Favorite Cleansers)

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to wash your face at night — between daily makeup and the buildup of toxins your skin is exposed to throughout the day, it’s kind of a no-brainer (though it is hard sometimes when all you want to do is go straight to bed at the end of the day!).

But did you know it’s just as important to wash your face first thing in the morning, too? (Yes, even before you pour that first cup of coffee!) You may wonder how dirty could your skin possibly be when you just washed it before bed?

In addition to ridding your skin of bacteria and dust mites from your pillow (I know, ew!), washing your face in the morning maximizes the benefits of “beauty sleep.” Our skin goes into serious rejuvenation mode overnight, repairing skin cells and generating new ones. This means we’re waking up with more dead skin cells we need to thoroughly remove so the rest of our skincare regimen can be even more effective.

Plus, creating a “clean slate” means our skincare services and treatments can penetrate even deeper into your skin. Our bodies are working to help us look our best — why not do our part to truly reap the rewards?

So, now that we’ve covered how key it is to start our day with a face wash, the next step is finding the right one for you! Here are our three favorite cleansers:

ZO Exfoliating Polish

This exfoliating polish helps your skin become clearer and smoother without the harshness of most exfoliating products. Its magnesium crystals remove dead skin cells and improve texture, while also encouraging healthy circulation. “If there is a day where my skin feels dull, dirty or dry,” Haley says, “this polish scrubs off all the unwanted debris and leaves it feeling super clean and polished.”


ZO Dual Action Scrub

This powerful product removes excess oil on your skin’s surface, creating a smoother texture as it unclogs pores. It doesn’t over dry or rough up your skin — rather, its special formula works to calm and soothe the skin at the same time.

Epionce Purifying Wash

This cleaner is perfect for those with slightly more oily skin or other problem skin types. It contains salicylic acid to treat and control acne. This one is ideal to use with Purifying Spot Gel to target stubborn breakouts.

Ready to create your own clean slate? We’d love to help you find the right cleanser for your skin type and help you achieve truly rejuvenated, younger-looking skin. Reach out today so we can help you put your freshest face forward.