How to Create a Balanced Facial Profile Without Surgery

Mar 6, 2019

How to Create a Balanced Facial Profile Without Surgery

Achieve your ‘Golden Ratio’ in a few easy steps

Facial aesthetics is a blend of science and art. If you’re unsatisfied with a feature on your face, it could have something to do with the way it causes an imbalance to your facial profile.

Studies show our concept of beauty has a lot to do about symmetry and balance. Universally, people prefer symmetrical faces, according to neuroscience research. The “Golden Ratio” is a concept describing the perfect balance we see in nature, design, and architecture. It also applies to the proportions of nose length, eye position and chin length.

At The Look, we have a few different ways to help bring this concept to your profile and enhance your natural beauty – no invasive surgery needed.

When you come in, we’ll assess everything from your hairline down to the décolleté and put together a priority list. You may think you need nasolabial fold filler or something under your eyes, but there could be other spots to help revitalize first — including the chin area, where some people need length, while others need projection.

When we discuss how to best approach your profile, we’ll basically divide your face into horizontal thirds (similar to the Golden Ratio measurements). If the lower third of your face is the smallest part, we can use Voluma to build out your chin. This would give you a longer, more slender-looking face.

We may also put a little Botox in the chin area as well to keep you from pulling and dimpling the chin area. Men may especially want a more pronounced chin because a strong jawline is such a classically masculine feature. So using Kybella under the chin area for a guy would help build up the jawline’s strength in that area.

Strengthening the chin and reducing or sharpening the jawline can truly bring about a whole new look for you. By giving it a more slender appearance and balancing your profile, you’ll achieve your own kind of Golden Ratio — the kind that brings a smile to your face and lights up a room. In fact, a study of brain activity shows that your self-evaluation of your attractiveness has a direct impact on your self-esteem.

Don’t let something you’re unsatisfied with hold you back. Go after the results you desire.

After all, you are a work of art.

Let us help you rejuvenate your look with a more balanced, symmetrical profile. Reach out today to start the process with a consultation.

balanced facial profile before and after

This before and after of a balanced facial profile patient shows the power of noninvasive treatments. This patient always hated her chin. Haley added 3 syringes to her chin and jawline to create a perfect profile. The procedure took less than 30 minutes and the treatment will last up to 1-2 years.