4 Stunning Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Mar 5, 2018

4 Stunning Aesthetic Treatments for Men

When “Brotox” is listed in urban dictionaries and reported on in popular men’s magazines, there’s just no denying it – Botox is for men, too! The amazing non-surgical aesthetic options available to reverse signs of aging are quickly becoming as popular among men as they have been among women over the last decade.

In fact, in this article in Modern Aesthetics, statistics show that non-surgical aesthetic procedures administered to men increased by 59.4 percent from 2010 to 2015. Even male skincare products have become a $3.4 billion market!

And why not? With newer products like Kybella for erasing double chins and Voluma for structuring the jawline into more masculine and youthful angles, what’s not to love about the way these products can reduce years from a man’s appearance?

If you’re one of the men looking into this growing trend (or know a man who would benefit), I’ve put together my top-four men’s aesthetic treatments, with a little explanation of what each can offer and what men can expect.

Kybella (aka the double chin eraser)

Men with double chins usually know the drill. You have to wear a looser fitting shirt so the collar isn’t too tight (sloppy!) or you’re constantly pulling at your collar all day because it’s too tight. So as more men are discovering this amazing double chin eraser, Kybella is becoming a top-selling men’s aesthetic treatment in practices across the country.

Kybella was recently approved by the FDA and is made from deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring chemical in your body that assists in fat absorption. Basically, it helps the body jumpstart its own natural processes to absorb fat below the chin–known as submental fat. The result is a chiseled neck and jawline–no oversized shirt required!

What to expect: In your treatment session, Kybella injections will be made in the fullest area under the chin, and sessions will be spaced at least a month apart. Swelling should be expected following treatment. Most sessions last about 30 minutes for the first, and 15-20 minutes for sessions following that. (For more detailed information on Kybella injections and what to expect, visit our Kybella specialties page.)


You don’t have to be a public figure or actor to want younger-looking skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. And that’s why Botox is another popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure for men. Botox is the common name for botulinum toxin, a purified substance derived from bacteria, and is used to treat frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows, the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. It also treats chin creases, horizontal neck lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The best part is there is little to no downtime, so you can be in and out and back to work quickly.

What to expect: Botox is injected with an incredibly tiny needle, so there shouldn’t be any bruising after the procedure. Then it only takes a few days before you’ll start noticing results, with no downtime at all! (For more detailed information on Botox injections and what to expect, visit our Botox specialties page.)

Jawline structuring

Getting a perfectly chiseled jawline was once only great genetics, but now, men can get the same look with jawline structuring with Sculptra. As a collagen stimulator, Sculptra tells the body where to stimulate collagen for a lifting, tightening effect. While it takes a few months for results to be seen, Sculptra’s benefits include more radiant, tighter skin, with defined and chiseled contours.

What to expect: Depending on your unique features, jawline structuring might be a combination of several treatments (for example, Sculptra plus Kybella). With Sculptra alone, you can expect to see a some mild bruising and swelling at the injection sites. It will take 45 to 90 days before you’ll notice the full effect of the treatment.


Microneedling stimulates your own body’s collagen production by creating small, invisible puncture wounds across the top layer of your skin. The result is cell turnover as well as increased collagen and elastin production, which reverses the signs of aging, acne damage and sun exposure.

What to expect: While it might sound painful, most clients say there is little to no pain involved, and the punctures are nearly invisible. The punctures will be made with a dermaroller (similar to a small paint roller) that works in the same way lasers do.

Still not convinced? Here’s what a customer had to say:

“I initially came to Haley for Botox treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in my forehead and crow’s feet. I had always considered dermal filler but wasn’t really sure if I needed it – I didn’t want to look ‘fake’ or feminine. I knew that I wanted to do something, but I wasn’t quite sure what that should be.

“Haley’s consultation process is excellent! She listened to my requests, but also pointed out some helpful recommendations that I hadn’t even thought of considering! Such as – correction of some fat accumulation under my chin. She said by treating this area (and some strategically placed Botox and filler), I would look younger and healthier. After listening to her explain the treatment plan, I was totally sold. She really came up with something I could tell was individualized to me…based on my face and the results I was seeking.

“And the results were…wow! I have been in her chair multiple times, and have no plans on leaving. She’s really is the best injector – I trust her implicitly.” –Joshua E.

So whether you’re looking to ditch the double chin or reduce the signs of aging, men’s aesthetics are an easy way to look and feel your best. If you’re not sure which treatment or combination of treatments would work best for you, or for a consultation with one of our award-winning aestheticians, book an appointment at The Look today.