Go Deeper than Fillers with Sculptra

Jan 8, 2018

Go Deeper than Fillers with Sculptra’s Collagen Bio-Stimulator

Do you have sunken cheeks or lack of facial fullness due to aging, weight loss or a medical issue? If so, Botox and other dermal fillers may not be enough to produce the soft, natural look you hoped to achieve.

The good news is there’s now a collagen stimulator that can.

Today on the blog I’m excited to talk to you about Sculptra.

Sculptra is a bio-stimulator, and it’s different than other fillers on the market. I call it a collagen “booster shot” for the face and cellulite. Yes, cellulite!

Sometimes Botox and dermal fillers aren’t enough to restore the face’s natural contour. Sculptra works to create a base framework you can build upon with additional fillers.

It works deep in the skin’s dermal layer by stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen. It adds structure where the loss of volume causes the skin to sag.

The reality is your body decreases collagen production by 1% each year after age 18. You begin to notice when fine lines and wrinkles appear. By the time you turn 50, you may have lost up to 30% of your collagen content.

Sculptra has been shown to help the body produce it even after decades of decline. The results are more natural-looking and can last up to two years.

At The Look, we use Sculptra’s collagen stimulating properties to treat cellulite. By smoothing areas of dimpling, Sculptra is, in Haley’s opinion, the best solution for cellulite.

Here is a before and after photo from sculptraaesthetic.com:


Franca, Age 42

A clinical study showed that 80% of patients treated with Sculptra were still satisfied with their results at 25 months.

Sculptra can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Rebuild volume in the cheeks and other areas of the face
  • To treat fine lines and wrinkles in the face
  • Smooth wrinkles and folds on your chest

What it’s made of: Sculptra is made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid, which a biocompatible synthetic substance commonly found in dissolvable stitches. Your body gradually absorbs it as it begins to create its own collagen.

Results: It’s extremely powerful in its ability to stimulate the production of collagen, but the full effect can take up to 45-90 days to see. Patients we’ve treated say the results are worth the wait.

Treatment: Sculptra injections are priced by the vial. A good rule of thumb is that you’ll need one vial per decade of life (so 4 if you’re 40). Treatment may include up to three injection sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. Like other dermal fillers, this is an outpatient procedure.

Side effects: You may experience redness and swelling at the injection site temporarily but you should be able to go about your day as you would with other filler injections.

Maintenance: Once you’ve been treated, you’ll need a yearly boost to maintain the results.

Sculptra may be just the “boost” you need.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out if it’s right for you.