Sculptra is unlike any injectable on the market that re-contours the face, adding volume and a naturally youthful fullness.

Sculptra is a bio-stimulator, which makes it unlike any other filler available. You can think of it as a collagen “booster shot,” in that it stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production. The effect of Sculptra injection in the face is a youthful fullness and contouring that is natural and lasts significantly longer than other dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane.

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Softening bony cheekbones
  • Nasolabial/melolabial folds (the area between your nose and your mouth/mouth and your chin).
  • Temples
  • Chin
  • Jawline (for definition)
  • Cellulite


Sculptra ( “poly-L-lactic acid” or PLLA) is a synthetic form of lactic acid, a naturally occurring substance our muscles make after we exercise. The addition of the “poly” in the word is simply lactic acid molecules stuck together in strings, better known as a polymer. Sculptra is produced under laboratory conditions and contains no animal products or human DNA.


You won’t see immediate results with Sculptra treatment, as it takes 45-90 days after the treatment before more volume is evident in the treated areas. The reason for this is the bio-stimulant action of Sculptra, and it takes time for it to induce your body to build more collagen. In many cases, our providers may suggest combining Sculptra with other fillers to achieve optimal results, allowing Sculptra to work as a long-term foundation that builds works to build volume in fullness constantly and gradually.

When you receive Sculptra injections, we’ll give you recommendations for post care. You’ll be advised not to exercise for a few days, and you may feel fullness in the area of the injection even though it isn’t visibly noticeable. You can also expect to see a little bruising and mild swelling, but both can usually be easily covered with makeup. The best way to keep bruising to a minimum is to avoid taking any medication that increases bleeding (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids) for one week prior to your treatment. If you are taking any of these medications on a daily basis for health and/or pain management, speak with your doctor before discontinuing them.

Things to know

  • It’s safe. Sculptra has been a favorite facial rejuvenation treatment in Europe for almost 20 years. It has a well-established safety record when injected correctly.
  • It lasts longer than other fillers. While other dermal fillers typically last for up to one year, Sculptra can last for up to two years once you’ve undergone the initial series of treatments. We do suggest that you come in for one maintenance treatment a year to maintain optimal volume in the treated areas.
  • There are places Sculptra doesn’t work. Although there are several “off-label” uses for Sculptra, there are places on the face where it cannot be used due to the nature of the way it works. For example, Sculptra cannot be used on the forehead, around the eyes, or around the lip area.
  • Many clients use Sculptra in combination with other procedures.  Due to the way Sculptra works as a bio-stimulator, it can take some time for results to be noticed. This is why we use Sculptra as a “framework,” to restore your face’s own youthful fullness deep beneath the surface, along with other more immediate anti-aging treatments like Botox, laser treatments, Latisse and quality skincare products.
  • Cellulite and butt augmentation are two newer treatment areas for Sculptra. It can be used to smooth out dimpling where cellulite is notable as well as volume in the buttock area where flatness occurs.


As we age, we lose volume and fat deposits in critical areas on our face that result in a hollow, aged appearance. In fact, after the age of 18, your body reduces its collagen production by 1% each year, according to some estimates. This means that by the time you’ve reached 50, you’ve lost up to 30% of your body’s natural collagen production.

As the body’s natural collagen production slows, you’ll increasingly notice fine lines and wrinkles in places where the volume once was, and this is where Sculptra works as a “booster shot” for the face. The results are more natural-looking than those offered by using other dermal fillers alone and can last up to two years.