Does Your Skin Care Regimen Look Like This?

Skin care is foundational to achieving a healthy, natural, glowing look. And don’t let anyone fool you – everyone has a skin care issue they battle, whether it’s oily or dry skin, redness, hormonal acne, dullness or pigment and discoloration.

The goal of a skin care regimen is to not only keep your skin healthy and moisturized but to bring balance to our skin’s unique chemistry. The problem arises when faced with the plethora of products available – each promising to work miracles. Where do you begin?

We get it. It’s important to feel confident that the products you’re using are correct. At The Look, we start with products that are natural and free of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.

Skin Care Product Lines We Carry

We carry several product lines that we’ve thoroughly researched and tested. Each product and line was selected for its quality and effectiveness. They include:

  • Zo Skin Health – therapeutic products and daily skin care
  • Young Pharmaceuticals – high quality medical skin care products that treat a variety of dermatological issues
  • SkinMedica – award-winning high end cosmetic and skin care products
  • Revision Skincare – advanced, high-performing skin care with a commitment to using purest ingredients
  • EltaMD – our favorite sun and skin care for every season

From these lines, we focus on just a few key products to resist acne and the signs of aging: exfoliator, retinoic acid, antioxidant, growth factor and sunscreen.

“You will pay a lot less getting the right products as opposed to buying a ton of products in which you don’t have any idea what’s in the ingredients,” says Haley Wood, owner of The Look.

With that in mind, here is an overview of what each of these products does, followed by sample skin care regimens from our staff.

5 Key Skin Care Products & Their Uses

1. Exfoliator – Cleansing your face with a gentle exfoliator is an essential first step. Cleaning your face will remove bacteria your face is harboring from a day out in the elements or sleeping on your pillow. You should use your fingers to wash your face – or at most, a soft washcloth. Brushes and tools can damage your skin, and in some cases, reintroduce bacteria to your face.

2. Retinoic acid – Your skin makes this substance from vitamin A, and when used in creams and ointment, helps cells to grow and develop. Retinoic acid can treat acne and slow the signs of aging.

3. Antioxidants may prevent or delay some types of cell damage by eliminating free radicals. They’re naturally occurring substances that can be found in a number of chemicals, like Vitamins E and C, lycopene and green tea.

4. Growth factor products stimulate the production of collagen and epidermal skin-cell production. This treats a host of aging problems from wrinkles and dark spots to lack of firmness and sagging.

5. Sunscreen – Protecting from photo-aging (long term sun exposure) is the most important thing you can do to keep your skin looking younger and healthier as well as preventing skin cancer. It’s also important to apply sunscreen alone, as mixing it with other products can decrease the sunscreen’s effectiveness.

The proper skin care regimen can promote your body’s ability to generate beautiful, healthy skin and even delay the need for more aggressive cosmetic procedures. We can take the guesswork out of your skin care regimen by customizing a care plan for you.

Skin Care Regimens

Now, the fun part! We’re sharing our daily skin care regimens with you so you can see how these products work together. If you’re interested in a product mentioned or want us to piece together a custom skin care routine for you, just let us know.

Haley Wood
Nurse Practitioner & Owner, The Look

“As a 40-year-old who fights the overexposure to tanning beds in my youth, I address pigment in my skincare routine daily.”

1. Cleanse with Exfoliating Cleanser
2. Exfoliating toner pad
3. Growth factor
4. Brightamax with Glycogent
5. Daily Power
6. Tinted BB cream

1. Cleanse with Exfoliating Cleanser
2. Polish scrub
3. Brightamax every other night
4. Retamax every other night
5. Intense Eye Repair
6. Hydrate as needed

Haley’s Son
Age: 14

“My son has my fair skin, but has hormonal acne on forehead nose and chin. He’s a typical boy who hates to clean his face.”

1. An acne pad

1. Cleanses in the shower with Vitascrub
2. An acne pad
3. Spot treat any acne spots with Aknetrol
4. Uses an extractor on occasion for blackheads and clogged pores


Meet AmyAmy Rose
Clinical Assistant

“My focus is to minimize pore size and to prevent aging. Since being on this regime, the texture of my skin has improved, along with making my skin brighter and more hydrated.”

1. Foamacleanse
2. Exfoliating Polish
3. TE Pads
4. Pore Refine
5. Daily Power Defense
6. Tinted B.B. Cream

1. Foamacleanse
2. TE Pads
3. Alternate Hydrate and Vitamin C Serum
4. Intense Eye Repair
5. Retamax
6. Daily Power Defense

Meet LeslieLeslie Siebert
Practice Coordinator

“As a soccer mom, spending my free time on the field, fighting sun exposure is my primary focus to prevent hyper-pigmentation.”

1. Jan Marini cleanser
2. Koji pads
3. Hydrate
4. Intense Eye Repair

1. Jan Marini cleanser
2. Polish
3. Koji pads
4. Vital C
5. Intense Eye Repair

Don’t navigate the skin care aisle alone. Call or email for an appointment for a skin care consultation. Haley can create a custom skin care regimen for you using your own skin care products or ones you can pick up at The Look.

It’s important to feel confident that the skin care regimen you’re using is correct. At The Look, we start with products that are natural and free of harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.

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